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10 May 2015

NLP Courses out and about!

Delighted to be able to announce our new suite of NLP courses, to run over the Autumn and through Winter, bringing some cheer and energy into this transitional time of year.

Our learners consistently report transformational change when studying NLP with us, and we love facilitating the learning.  We are very pleased to have exclusive use of the luxurious Cranmer Country Cottages to give the courses a flying start, a venue familiar to us and much appreciated by our delegates last time, the swimming pool adding a little oomph factor, as well as the beautiful surroundings.

As ever, the prices reflect a no profit culture, and we're happy to answer any questions or give more information if you would like some.

We have the Master Practitioner beginning on 28th September,and the Diploma/Practitioner beginning on 29th.  Please do get in touch if you would like more details, from Julia McGinn