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15 Aug 2011

What People are Saying About our Courses

When you sign up for a course, naturally you want to know what kind of feedback people are giving. So we include a full selection below to let you know what it is that people like about our courses.  We do always ask for comments on how courses might be even better, or if there is anything not useful.  Of course each event is different because of the group of people who choose to attend, and we do work responsively and ethically at all times.  So take a peek to gain a flavour of feedback from delegates who sign up for our courses.
Certificate in Coaching,  March 2012
I found the course very useful and most helpful I think in being able to build on my counselling training, but giving me a framework to have a more forward/goal orientated focus with clients. Immediately after the last course, I had a session with a client and was able to be more focused on the goals she was working towards.
 I thoroughly recommend the course. I liked how it built upon my exisiting skills and developed them, while giving me a framework I can use  with clients. I enjoyed the flexibility of the learning that integrated a number of theoretical models while giving practical guidance on how to use them with clients.   Veronica Lysaght, Career Coach, London.

Collective Commentary NLP Taster Day at the University of Lincoln LLMC July 2011
  • Thank you – superb day. 
  • Very enjoyable
  • Thanks - a great course
  • Thank you very much. Encouraging me to progress within my career 
  • A very enjoyable and challenging day. 
  • Really enjoyed the course, now need to practice the theory and further reading. 
  • Thank you for a fab day! Lots of information to process and gain valuable knowledge! 
  • Great team work between the two of you – knowledgeable delivery of the information, many thanks. 
  • Thoroughly enjoyable day! Thank you. 
  • Great taster day. 
  • Great course – wish I had a week on this!

Certificate in Coaching 2010 -2011

Although the course was intense it was very enjoyable and it was amazing to see the difference in ourselves over the 4 days. I feel that not only will I be able to use coaching skills with my patients it would be useful for my friends, family and myself too.
Thank you both, you are an inspiration to us all! 
Natalie Doughty  Clinical Nurse Specialist Hammershmith Hospital Impreial College Health Trust

I got so much from this course so much I want to sign up for the advanced course tomorrow! Wendy Gin Seng Pulmonary Hypertension Clinical Nurse Specialist, Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College Health Trust

Thanks for a fab week  - I had a great time and learned a lot   Charity Amy Murphy Teacher Special Needs, Dublin
I have really enjoyed this course and am continuing to put lots of stuff into action. this has had a profound effect on me personally and I hope is starting to have an effect on the team. 

Tracey Taylor Team Manager
Recovery Service, STAR Team and Community Development Workers  Notts Mental Health Trust

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