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22 Jul 2012

Celebratory Gourmet NLP Course

It's now  just about 6 months since HaLT has been based in the UK, and we're enjoying integrating within the Lincolnshire Business Community which boasts such a rich variety of excellence and a great spirit of empowerment and entrepreneurship.  This month, key contracts have been in house coach training for First Avenue in Goole with staff wanting to get to Certificate level, resource development within the NHS, teaching NLP for our good friend Beryl Lyndley at NLP North Wales, and recruiting for the LLMC MSc Coaching course. We also have some amazing opportunities for a leading edge project involving NLP, which is so innovative and unique that we cannot yet divulge the nature - suffice to say we are very excited.

In August, we will be merging our two companies,  HaLT and NLPAssociated. To celebrate, we are launching a different style of workshop which allows delegates a choice of sessions within it so that they receive a bespoke service within an introductory frame. It's Gourmet NLP, some great basic learning in interesting ways, and it WILL be a sellout dynamic experience - so if you want to know more, go to our homepage and read all about it!

30 May 2012

NLP Introduction raises some smiles

Well, the Smart Psychology of NLP one day course went down well at LLMC yesterday, with another great mix of delegates, who all got their objectives met.  We love teaching this course, and always great opportunities to tell lots of stories. On this course we integrated for the second time at LLMC stories from Poppy the talking dog, as Graham had just driven her all the way from Portugal to Lincoln over the weekend.  As ever, thanks to all attendees.  Key favourites on the feedback we got were the power of the Dilts framework, a perception which Graham and I share, and the importance of getting yourself into the right state - remembering to anchor the state you want to be in before you go into various situations.  Thanks everyone for participation and making the day a success - I certainly left in the right state :)

13 May 2012

Partnership in action

Busy weekend going over to Dublin to meet with a very forward thinking ethical pharmaceutical cmpany and a group of nursing specialists. Our part in the collaboration is to produce a patient resource and to train some nurses in coaching. Dublin is one of the friendliest cities we've ever been to, and I love the chat and the welcome we always get there from taxi drivers, hotel staff, just about everyone we meet. We really love this great attitude as well from  professionals from other disciplines who are far sighted enough to see the widespread value of coaching - big thanks to all concerned, let's see how we can get the ethos across to more and more people and empower people who are dealing with life changing diagnoses.

21 Apr 2012

Accessible Coaching - the Certificate in Coaching

It's always great for us to deliver our coaching courses, and we learn through what and who we teach, every time.  The last Certificate Coaching completed at the end of March, hosted at the HullHarp project, with a usual rich mix of delegates from different backgrounds - therapeutics, education, business and independent. We really like developing our links with community and networking with such a rich variety of people!  We look forward to the next course, in Lincoln this week at the LLMC which is on The Power of Coaching, with another excellent mix of delegates attending.
Links with the community come in many ways - today one of our family highlighted a new band, perfroming in York tonight - they're called JaniceGraham - I had never realised we were so inspiring!

12 Apr 2012

The Pleasures of Transition

We've been in Lincolnshire for just two and a half months now, and so much has happened work wise. We've also thoroughly enjoyed the English spring, much budding and blossoming going on.  Every location has its highlights, doesn't it, and apart from the natural beauty in Lincolnshire, the last two nights for us have each been great in different ways.

Last night, Graham and I experienced The Marketing Club in Lincoln, where over 90 people gathered to learn more about marketing through specialist clinics and speaker input. Last night's meeting  saw the final of a `Dragon's Den' type competition,  as well as great input from Andrew Goode from Blue Dolphin on pricing for profit, provocative and helpful. Was really impressed by the welcome, the professional running of the event, the concept and the hosting - wonderful.

Tonight, we went to LPAC to see Titanic,  by Pluck.  This was a take with a difference on the Titanic story - told from the musicians point of view. The event surpassed expectations - this outfit are talented and very funny - I laughed till I cried.  Their ability to combine excellent musicianship with slapstick and satirical humour is a treat. Check them out on their promo video, it gives you a flavour though I think funnier in the flesh.  Hope their boat comes in, anyway (!) as  they are an  unusual and entertaining group of performers. And aren't we fortunate to have LPAC on our doorstep?

13 Feb 2012

NLP Practitioner Course - the award ceremony

We have just had the pleasure of completing the first NLP Practitioner Course at Lincolnshire Leadership and Management Centre - and what a blast!  The first course we have put on since our Fellowships, alongside friend and Master Trainer Beryl Lyndley, resulted in 16 fabulous people being awarded the NLP Practitioner status on 12th February.  NLP is one of those disciplines that not only gives a great set of attitudes, approaches and skills, you just can't help but have a lot of fun along the way.  As Dave McNeill, a Senior executive Coach told us,  `Apart from the obvious excellent teaching, one thing I would add is that although it's challenging it's also a great deal of fun and never underestimate the power of learning with like minded colleagues!'

8 Jan 2012

Weight Management Book with a Difference

Our weight management book, Who's Broken My Scales, is an exciting venture as it's a unique approache to weight management which is simple, ethical, enjoyable, and educative!  Too good to be true? Weight management is one of the most common health and life transitions with which people grapple, and this book tackles the psychology of weight management in a clear, and effective, way. We link each deep psychological principle to a well known fairy tale, fable or nursery rhyme, and illustrations cap the presentation to make this extremely straightforward. So if weight is an issue for you, or if you are a coach who would like to know a simple approach to helping your clients, go to Who's Broken My Scales  and buy the book either paperback or e-book and let us know what you think. Enjoy!