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21 Apr 2012

Accessible Coaching - the Certificate in Coaching

It's always great for us to deliver our coaching courses, and we learn through what and who we teach, every time.  The last Certificate Coaching completed at the end of March, hosted at the HullHarp project, with a usual rich mix of delegates from different backgrounds - therapeutics, education, business and independent. We really like developing our links with community and networking with such a rich variety of people!  We look forward to the next course, in Lincoln this week at the LLMC which is on The Power of Coaching, with another excellent mix of delegates attending.
Links with the community come in many ways - today one of our family highlighted a new band, perfroming in York tonight - they're called JaniceGraham - I had never realised we were so inspiring!

12 Apr 2012

The Pleasures of Transition

We've been in Lincolnshire for just two and a half months now, and so much has happened work wise. We've also thoroughly enjoyed the English spring, much budding and blossoming going on.  Every location has its highlights, doesn't it, and apart from the natural beauty in Lincolnshire, the last two nights for us have each been great in different ways.

Last night, Graham and I experienced The Marketing Club in Lincoln, where over 90 people gathered to learn more about marketing through specialist clinics and speaker input. Last night's meeting  saw the final of a `Dragon's Den' type competition,  as well as great input from Andrew Goode from Blue Dolphin on pricing for profit, provocative and helpful. Was really impressed by the welcome, the professional running of the event, the concept and the hosting - wonderful.

Tonight, we went to LPAC to see Titanic,  by Pluck.  This was a take with a difference on the Titanic story - told from the musicians point of view. The event surpassed expectations - this outfit are talented and very funny - I laughed till I cried.  Their ability to combine excellent musicianship with slapstick and satirical humour is a treat. Check them out on their promo video, it gives you a flavour though I think funnier in the flesh.  Hope their boat comes in, anyway (!) as  they are an  unusual and entertaining group of performers. And aren't we fortunate to have LPAC on our doorstep?