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13 Feb 2012

NLP Practitioner Course - the award ceremony

We have just had the pleasure of completing the first NLP Practitioner Course at Lincolnshire Leadership and Management Centre - and what a blast!  The first course we have put on since our Fellowships, alongside friend and Master Trainer Beryl Lyndley, resulted in 16 fabulous people being awarded the NLP Practitioner status on 12th February.  NLP is one of those disciplines that not only gives a great set of attitudes, approaches and skills, you just can't help but have a lot of fun along the way.  As Dave McNeill, a Senior executive Coach told us,  `Apart from the obvious excellent teaching, one thing I would add is that although it's challenging it's also a great deal of fun and never underestimate the power of learning with like minded colleagues!'

     NLP produces tangible outcomes very quickly.  Even after the first weekend, Mike Martin, Director at ADMAR support services in Lincoln, said `I usually get a good rapport with new clients but applying the NLP I have had three new clients commenting on how positive our conversation was, so for me the course has already paid for itself.'  Isn' that great?
     Anyway, it was a pleasure and a privilege to work with a diverse group of people,  and I reckon that our award ceremony rivalled that of the BAFTA's, which tried to compete with us on the same day.  Myself, Graham and Beryl were acknowledged as a fab group of Directors (`I love the ethics of our trainers and will aspire to match them', said Crispin), the whole event was superbly produced by LLMC with Veronica Cini at the co-ordinating helm, and everyone was nominated for and received an award.
     The next Practitioner Course at LLMC will begin in April, and you can contact for more details, and we are looking to hold our first Master Practitioner even in January 2013, with the option of the Grinder stamp - looking forward to it all!

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