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22 Jul 2012

Celebratory Gourmet NLP Course

It's now  just about 6 months since HaLT has been based in the UK, and we're enjoying integrating within the Lincolnshire Business Community which boasts such a rich variety of excellence and a great spirit of empowerment and entrepreneurship.  This month, key contracts have been in house coach training for First Avenue in Goole with staff wanting to get to Certificate level, resource development within the NHS, teaching NLP for our good friend Beryl Lyndley at NLP North Wales, and recruiting for the LLMC MSc Coaching course. We also have some amazing opportunities for a leading edge project involving NLP, which is so innovative and unique that we cannot yet divulge the nature - suffice to say we are very excited.

In August, we will be merging our two companies,  HaLT and NLPAssociated. To celebrate, we are launching a different style of workshop which allows delegates a choice of sessions within it so that they receive a bespoke service within an introductory frame. It's Gourmet NLP, some great basic learning in interesting ways, and it WILL be a sellout dynamic experience - so if you want to know more, go to our homepage and read all about it!


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  2. Thanks very much for your comment. We will be running another 'Gourmet NLP' course in Lincoln in the new year.

  3. How did the NLP Specific educating direct? I skilled switching a in house training predicament just by modifying my reaction to it.