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20 Feb 2014

Are there any limitations to the mind's capabilities??

Last month I was talking about explain pain. Since then I’ve limited my screen time while working on more mind and matter integration around having some eye surgery. I wonder what you make of this.

 Last November, I elected to have eye surgery on my right eye to remove a cataract which was obscuring my vision sufficiently to be an unwelcome limitation.  The surgery was complicated by my having a previous lens implant. In the event, the surgery did not go well as the sac in which the lens of the eye sits tore open – pars of the old lens went through the sac, and the surgeon was unable to implant a new lens. Upshot –no lens in my right eye at all, huge light sensitivity, eventual fitting of a contact lens, blotchy and erratic vision.  Prognosis – either live forever in this state, or have more surgery involving draining the whole eyeball – this did not sit well in my mind.

The major issue was the debris of the old lens having gone through the back of the sac.   It needed to dissolve, which was unlikely given its size.  So off I went on a four week trip to Portugal, considering how I could help.   I chose two things, one was to meditate every morning, in which I quite spontaneously found myself focusing on moving the debris to the front of the eye. My other was exercise and Pilates. I was slightly wary of Pilates on the one hand as one is advised after eye surgery not to bend forward.  However, my instinct said yes, this was fine, so off I went to classes, and practised daily.

 On my return to the UK, I went to see my surgeon.  How’s it been, he said.  Okay, I said, except there was a short period where when I stood up quickly, my eye went black. He looked into the eye, and exclaimed, excitedly. 

`That is amazing!’, was his comment, ` that is just amaxing.  We must take a photograph’. 

I was curious.

In a nutshell, the debris which was problematic had relocated, coming the other way through the tear in the sac, and was now in front of the iris.  Upshot?  My excited consultant suggested immediate surgery, to remove the debris  - now a straightforward procedure – and implant a new lens behind the iris.

 Wow!  I couldn’t believe it, and am now writing this from a train as I go to Heathrow to take a flight to Thailand for work and pleasure.  My recovery is extraordinary, and my surgeon dumbfounded – apparently this is incredibly rare, if unheard of.

I thought back to those meditations.  Could I, do you think, just could I have influenced the eye?

Since I believe that my mind and body are an integrated circuitry, and that we cannot not respond, my answer to this, is how could I have not?

For my trip to and in Thailand, I fancied that I might write each day, today onward, incorporating whatever is going on with the 21 NLP Presuppositions which form the structure of the excellent book NLP in 21 Days, by Harry Adler and Beryl Heather.  Meanwhile, I welcome your comments and/or experiences.

Jan J

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